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About Us / Know What We Do

Brief History

Expocafé®, was established in the city of Bogotá, as a result of a concerted process between farmers, Cooperatives of Coffee Growers and the National Federation of Coffee Growers.

Raised from the very foundation of Colombian coffee, Expocafé® picked up the desire of thousands of farmers affiliated to the cooperative system, to have its own channel to export their crop. This great project exposed in various forums across Colombia crystallized in March 21, 1985..

Since its inception, Expocafé® has sought excellence. The strong commitment of its directors, employees and suppliers, has enabled the company to offer products and services with optimum quality. Expocafé® has implemented the tools to fulfill its mission and live up to the expectations of customers. With SAP as its technology platform and certifications such as ISO 9001 and BASC allows us to respond satisfactorily to the standards required by the global market.

Expocafé® contributes to improving the living conditions of the farmer, his family and his community, while contributing to the sustainability of the environment in which it develops the coffee operation.

within its competitive advantages has the structure of purchasing from the cooperatives in the entire country, with more than five hundred purchasing points and eleven coffee threshing plants, located throughout Colombia, allowing us to offer a product able to meet the requirements and customer expectations in terms of origin diversity, varietals, cup profiles, preparation and a variety of coffees certifications.

In response to customer demand, Expocafé® identifies and offers a variety of premium, social, ecological and organic coffees with the highest qualities, produced in our ample coffee growing areas.

As a result of our commitment and dedicated work, we present Expocafé as a recognized exporter that plays a predominant role in the coffee market of the world.